What we do

Vehicle recycling

Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV’s), still packed with usable parts and resources, is a major force in helping build a recycling-oriented society. We have used the most advanced equipment and technologies to develop the largest scale operation in the industry. As a leader in the vehicle recycling business, we continue to safeguard the environment from the impacts of motorization.

Our recycling plant use the latest equipment and technology to appropriately process end-of-life vehicles in compliance with relevant laws. Our many years of proven results have earned the trust of car insurance companies, for which we also perform demolition of irrepairable accident vehicles.

Our company directly manages an officially licensed decommissioned vehicle purchasing centre. We also offer free registration erasure for vehicles we intake.

We efficiently remove used parts such as exterior, functional, and suspension parts for storage and sale as recycled parts. We have recently expanded beyond domestic sales, greatly expanding parts exporting. We aim to expand this business overseas, taking advantage of our years of experience cultivated in the UK.